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Criminals robbing motorists disguised as in fake police uniform

Anonymous report about the arrest of 5 suspect disguised as metro police wearing fake uniforms robbing motorists at Mooinooi. Two Vehicles recovered and firearm.South Africa police service report about the 5 suspects arrested found wearing fake police uniform.

One bystander was interviewed by on reporter on scene when he said this is now igniting fear to South Africa citizens when criminals don't fear doing criminal activities disguised in fake police uniform.

It would be scary to stop on the road when police at night because it might be criminals try to take advantage of you because of the fake uniform.

Motorists should always be alert on the road of such people on the road, crime had become so common in the country and police should work extra hard to bring down all the criminals to better the safety of South African citizens.

Anyone in possession of fake police uniform, should fake serious charges and face jail time to gain the confidence of citizens. They will fear being stopped on the road.

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