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Uzalo - Mastermind needs a master plan to deal with Kathide

He moves like a ghost in the night, swooping in to help and vanishing again. MaMlambo (Gugu Gumede) is hoping that Mastermind (Ntokozo Dlamini) will be able to sort out the mess she’s made for herself by being a good Samaritan and trying to help Mastermind’s cousin Khathide (Tshepang Mohlomi) after he was released from prison recently.


Khathide is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, convincing MaMlambo that he’s found the light and has changed his criminal ways. But he is secretly selling drugs in KwaMashu, and when MaMlambo found that out recently, she realised that she needs help. She’s already on thin ice with the law and can’t see to be an accomplice to a drug dealer, so she calls in Mastermind.

Mastermind is in hiding since he escaped from prison (last year), so he only comes out of hiding for people that are close and important to him. He is also very careful about making sure that he does not attract attention.

MaMlambo has a direct line to call when she needs him. He agrees to help her because she’s like a mother to him. She has always been there for him and his family, and she also helped to perform a ritual for him for protection when he escaped from prison.


Mastermind doesn’t waste any time sorting out Khathide the only way he knows how. Mastermind takes the old-fashioned approach and manhandles his cousin in an attempt to knock some sense into him, but unfortunately that doesn’t work.

So Mastermind tries a different approach and one he never thought he’d do: Put his cousin back in prison. Mastermind wants to see if maybe this way he can get Khathide to see his mistakes,” says the actor. “A heart-to-heart in a place he doesn’t want to be.…”


The last time that fans saw Mastermind, he was helping Mangcobo (Dawn Thandeka King) at the start of 2020 with stealing cars from the police compound.

TV Plus (South Africa) Thu, Jan 6, 2022

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