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Theft robbery

The woman who stole R4 million from mall of Africa walks freely in Midrand

The woman who stole R4 million continues walking freely when the SBV vehicle realized that money was taken from the vehicle. It was too late because the lady had stuffed the money in refuse plastic bags.

The woman accused to have pulled off brazen R4 million theft on the SBV depot in Midrand, by strolling with money in refuse bags.

2021 the year is full of action, who thought a woman can walk away with such large amount of money and get away with it. Lack of unemployment had taught people to take dangerous risks, yet some are putting their lives in danger.

Also poverty is also not a very comfortable thing to experience for a very long time, that drives people crazy because there's nothing happening instead people are losing their jobs at work places because companies are making loses.

What is it that needs to be done by the south Africa government to limit crime and to give more or offer more opportunities to the South African citizen for them to earn a sustainable living.

Opportunities such as building more schools and companies all around the country this will give more chances and life to people of South Africa.

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