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The devastating cause of the flooding in KZN has been revealed by Gayton Mckenzie.

The current flooding in KwaZulu Natal is a catastrophic tragedy that requires the combined efforts of all people living in South Africa in order to be resolved. The situation is rapidly deteriorating, and the people who live there are in critical need of assistance. 

Over 400 people living in South Africa have lost their lives as a result of the violent flood that began a few weeks ago, and the damage to their homes and businesses is estimated to be in the billions of dollars. It appears as though the whole affair is becoming blown out of proportion, despite all of the steps that have been put into place to contain the situation. 

Mr. Gayton McKenzie, the leader of Patriotic Alliance, has disclosed what may have caused the recent flooding that has been occurring in KZN in a new report that has just come out. He stated that the unsettling and incontestable reality about the flood is that it is brought on by the outdated drainage systems that have been allowed to deteriorate over time. 

He asserted that the pipes and drains had all been constructed during the time of the apartheid administration, and that the current government has not done anything to maintain them. 

According to a statement that was made by Gayton McKenzie on Twitter:

"The uncomfortable and undeniable truth regarding the floods in KZN is that old drainage systems can be partly blamed," the author writes. "The majority of drains and pipes were installed by the Apartheid regime, and zero cleaning and patching has been done on most of them since, leakages everywhere." 

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