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Theft robbery

Police Raid A Hijacker's Compound & Recovered Two Luxury Vehicles

Tracker as well as the KZN SAPS recovered a hijacked vehicle. 2 signal jammers, SAPS radio, ammunition and the getaway vehicle (Which was also hijacked) all recovered.

The police have proven nothing but the fact that they’re willing to apprehend the perpetrators of crimes without really causing a serious problem on their part, and this is something that we have really recognized from the police.

We’re really proud of because we can realize that the courts are not doing a good job in terms of apprehending the perpetrators of crimes, and ensuring that they are arrested for very long time.

The suspects were discovered after an intelligence driven operation was conducted by the police in order to raid the home, and what they discovered is something that is very shocking to just about anyone. The suspect had all their robbery impliments including signal jammers and stolen vehicles on their premises among other things, the police are going to conduct the necessary investigations.

To see if they cannot connect the suspects to other crimes that they have committed, because this is very crucial so that they can be given a sentence that is in line with the crimes that they have committed.

We definitely need a situation where the members of the public are giving the police information so that they can apprehend the perpetrators of crimes, because they know their neighbourhoods very well and they can determine suspicious behaviour.

Like when an individual seem to not be working but he seems to have a lot of money and is changing vehicles, and hanging out with a group of individuals that seem to be shady.

Then you can tell that they may be criminals and you could call the police to do the necessary investigations and in some cases, these individuals will be openly gangsters in their own communities and in some cases they will be protected.

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