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Petrol is way to expensive look at what this lady does to the petrol attendant

Due to the high petrol prices people are stressed that they are no longer able to afford the fuel( petrol, diseal) Wich probably lead to lot of an unanswered questions about South Africa economy.Henceforth it's not the petrol fuel that is high even, food, groceries it's expensive than just eating out or take aways.

This lady had gone viral all over the internet and social media as she had been seen on the video trying to harass and kiss the petrol attendent and disrupting from pouring the petrol.

This woman had her own reasons for doing this, because her intentions was that she wanted this man to poor more petrol on her car, more than what she has paid for.

Though this video seems funny, deep down we all know it's not because we know the state in Wich we are in as a country. People are going through the most and they could go even extra miles to do some unlawful actions because they are not able to afford some of the major things.


Guys what's your point of view on petrol and food prices? Leave your comments on the comments section right down below.

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