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Remember The White Woman Who Saved A Starving Child? See His Current State

Helping those in need pays off since you never know who is watching or when your good efforts will be recognized on a worldwide scale because of it. This is a story about a woman who saved a starving youngster because she believed she was doing good.

As the anonymous white woman passed by, she noticed a young child who appeared to be underweight and had most likely been abandoned by members of his family. There was no word on why this small boy had been abandoned, but at least he was saved.

Although she was white, the woman did not use his race or pigmentation as an excuse to ignore the young boy's plight. She was moved by his terrible appearance and made the decision to take him home after that.

She gave him the name Hope and decided to treat him as if he were her own child after adopting him. She took care of him when he was a small child, making sure he had plenty to eat. You'll see from the images I'll be sharing with you below that his health has improved considerably.

To emphasize how much she cares for him, the white woman got his name tattooed on her forearm. Take a look at Hope, the lucky youngster, in the following photos:

If this infant grows up, he will undoubtedly remember his God-sent human angel fondly. My curiosity has been piqued. Let me put the query out there to see if anyone can provide an answer.

What if Hope's relatives show up after the white woman has polished him to claim him? If they come after him, should he go back to them?

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