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Woman Was Shot By Her Husband Inside A Police Station

Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga has expressed shock at a domestic violence incident, where the killing of a woman who is 28 years old occurred at the hamds of her husband inside Madeira Police Station Charge Office.

It is alleged that the victim went to the police station to report domestic violence at her place, in this country we are having a lot of these issues basically become a serious problem.

And this is one of the reasons why the police have said that perhaps the Citizens should not be allowed to be in possession of firearms, because this is what happens when they are in possession of firearms people die

Whilst the woman was busy reporting to the police officer at the Community Service Centre, the husband entered the station and shot her dead.

Apparently the husband did not say anything immediately after entering the police station, and he simply opened fire towards the woman killing her in a very cowardly manner.

The suspect who is 42 years old is believed to be working as a security guard in one of the prominent Security Companies in Mthatha, it has also been revealed that immediately after doing so he attempted to escape the scene.

But then the police quickly moved in order to intercept him and stop him from his reckless actions, it was clear that what he was doing he was doing out of spite and simply being misguided in that situation.

The firearm he had in his possession was confiscated and would be sent to forensic laboratory for ballistic testing, a lot of us don't really understand why they would even required to take a pistol for ballistics testing.

When they witnessed the whole incident happen right in front of their eyes, but if there's some kind of formality then so be it but it seems like formality has gotten in the way of people getting Justice and a lot of people are losing their lives for nothing.

Kinana confirmed that a murder case had been opened against the suspect for investigation, this is a domestic dispute that has completely spiralled out of control and of course the police want to do the right thing and bring about Justice to the family of the bereaved.

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