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Heroic Man Saved A Dog From The Streets

Members of the public are inspired by the story of this gentleman and the dog - it is believed that he took a stray dog from the street that was very close to death, you can see through the images that the dog was very skinny, it was completely malnourished and it needed to get back to its good health.

So this man took it in and started taking good care of it until it recovered completely and they can tell that it is barely recognisable from the pictures now compared to the initial pictures when it was very unhealthy, this is something that is a concern with the members of the public.

It has become clear that the dogs on the streets are not necessarily bad it's just that they had been abandoned by someone or another circumstance had happened that led to it being in the state, however that does not mean that they cannot get a new home and members of the public will be doing a public service if they are taking care of these dogs and making sure that they are back to their health.

As you can see from the picture the dog is really happy now that the owner has been able to completely revive it from its initial situation and you can tell from the first images that the dog was really disadvantaged, and possibly discouraged because it was so skinny to such an extent you'd feel sorry just by looking at it.

On the other hand, you find instances where the members of the public are found to be abusing dogs, not so long ago we saw another incident occurred where a nurse tried to dump her dog by the side of the road.

Now she is in so much trouble for trying to dispose of hot dog on the side of the road, because it is something that is completely unacceptable.

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