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Please be on the lookout for this Mercedes-Benz

South Africans, be it pedestrians or motorists please be vigilant all the time. Trust me, you cannot afford to wallow and be ambushed by strangers. The country of South Africa is not the safest and it won't be anytime soon. It is rotten to the core and the ruling party and the public bureaucrats are not helping at all. They all care more about making money fraudulently than making sure that South Africa becomes a safe haven for all.

Crime rate will keep increasing at an alarming rate because even our leaders are not doing anything to eradicate it. Vehicles will get hijacked or stolen daily. On the night of the 26th May 2022 at around 20h45 a man was hijacked at Phola, Orgies. The hijackers took his Mercedes Benz C180 AMG and drove off. Anyone with information regarding the aforementioned incident can contact the nearest police station. The registration number of the vehicle is JVV 632 MP.

South Africans are hijackers, but most of the people who hijack cars in South Africa are illegitimate migrants. Border Management Authority, which currently falls under the ambit of the Department of Home Affairs should recruit ‘patriotic border guards’ who will be deployed in vulnerable segments of the borderline to augment the work of the SANDF officers to prevent some of the hijacked vehicles to cross the borders.

The will of perpetrators isn’t something the average citizen can control or predict, there are precautions they can take to reduce their exposure to high-risk situations.

Tips to avoid being a victim of a hijack :

1. Remain off your phone.

2. Be vigilant at all times and report any suspicious behaviour to the SAPS and your Local Security Service Provider.

3. If your windscreen or tyre is damaged while driving, drive to a well lit area before stopping to inspect the damage.

4. Do not stop for anyone that might indicate they are in need of help in deserted or high risk areas. Contact Law Enforcement, the SAPS or a Security Company to assist.

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