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OPINION | I think rage festivals was supposed to be cancelled after we knew about the new variant

So even if you vaccinated you still don't get your freedom back eish the stupidity of it all. I’m just wondering when everyone got their jab because after getting your shot you WILL test positive for a while. I’m just thankful that it seems to be a less severe wave albeit quicker. Shame poor little darlings so they are just going to go to a nightclub and risk it anyway. Irresponsible and parents allowed this. If a teenage does not require parental consent to take the vacine, then they don't need their parents consent to go clubbing

BUT, I guess the masses that flocked to the malls nationwide to save a few rands on Black Friday last friday, is fine. I guess the multiple mass political gatherings were and are fine I guess central Umtata, pmb, Durban , Butterworth etc every day of the week is fine, I guess China mall is fine. I guess mass church gatherings, which happen regardless, are fine. No let's just jump on Rage because it's youngsters, who've been cooped up, having a good time typical keyboard double standard warriors, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, (for those who don't understand that term, google it)

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