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(OPINION) Here's To Ways We Can End Crime In Mzansi (read this)

Now that we are dwelling in communities where a lot of us has to put up with crime and criminals for our justice system seems to be failing us when it comes to locating the criminals and lock the up in jails (where they belong). Have you ever sat down and wondered what is it that can actually free us from the high crime activities we have to face in a daily basis, especially when living in townships and urban area?

Well as for me, I have sat down and gave this whole thing a thought and I have concluded that there is actually one thing that can he'll us through this crime we face here, one of those is that (the government should start setting a limit of kids people should give birth to). I mean look it this way. We living in a world where there's always shortage of jobs so now giving birth to more than 5 kids knowing very well that jobs are scarce is as good as promoting crime, I mean as the kids grow and struggle to find jobs when they want to be independent crime is going to be the answer for a lot of them one way or another.

The government should illegalize pregnancy if one is unemployed. You see giving birth while you are unemployed and not in a space wereby you can send your own kids to school does nothing but mold those kids into street kids which automatically turns into thugs by sun set. Look around many towns and CBD's today, one can't even walk after sunset with a phone in their hand and get to their destination with it in their hand because criminals are too much in our streets. And as much as we can blame the government for all this, truth is seeing that jobs are scarce we shouldn't have given birth to multiple kids in the first place 

What's your take in these suggestions of mine? Please write me some comments in the comments section below 

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