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Here are 8 pictures from inside the Whites Only Town of Orania.

While you may have heard about the Whites only Town of Orania, that currently exists in South Africa. You may not know what it's like inside it. However recently the Orania Facebook page gave us a glimpse of that by posting a series of images from inside the Town. Here's what it looks like.

Here we see a serene body of water, that may be some kind of lake or river. Sadly because the Town is Whites only, it means that only White people will get to enjoy this view of South Africa and the rest of the races will be left out.

This image shows us a White Man working on something, while it's not specified what, it does show us how this community is doing their own work. Independent of workers from other races.

Here we see the sun either rising or setting on this small town, giving us a picturesque view of a place that seems to be free of the problems that other places in South Africa face. Such as poverty and a lack of infrastructure.

In both of the images above we can see what housing looks like in Orania. It does look clean and modern, unlike squatter camps that other races have to suffer in, in other parts of South Africa because of rampant poverty.

Unfortunately, because the residents of Orania chose to make it a Whites only town, a large number of South Africans may never get the opportunity to experience it's Beauty simply because of the color of there skin. Which seems unfair to me.

While I personally hope that one day we move past segregation, unfortunately it still very much exists in South Africa today. What do you think of the community, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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