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Every year, a Potchefstroom local takes the initiative and fixes 250 potholes.

Dirk Venter, a local of Potchefstroom in the North West, has made it his mission to pay for the annual repair of 2501 potholes throughout the town. According to Dirk Venter, he is driven by a desire to preserve the roads in good shape. Support for Venter's proposal has waned due to the consequences of COVID-19. In Potchefstroom, 67-year-old Dirk Venter has been filling potholes for over ten years. He has accomplished this without assistance from the JB Marks local government, which is in charge of maintaining the town's infrastructure.

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Venter claims that he has received financial assistance from nearby companies. The Covid-19 pandemic's aftermath, however, led to such corporations discontinuing their assistance. Venter claims that the sight of potholes makes him uneasy, yet this hasn't stopped him. According to Dirk Venter, "The potholes affected me much from the start, and if you try to do it with your intellect, you will never accomplish it. You must do it from the bottom of your heart, even if you agree with it. You must not use your intellect as support when thinking. You must have heart-felt thoughts if you want to succeed.

Venter utilizes surplus materials that were abandoned on the side of the road during road building in inventive ways to repair potholes. When there are shortages of material, he then uses the donations to make up the difference. Five guys, some of whom had lost their employment owing to the COVID-19 outbreak, now have work thanks to his wonderful effort. The staff members express their appreciation for this endeavor.


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