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Looting has happened again, Couples food gets looted in KFC drive through.

We all thought we were done with looting in South Africa after July's distressing situation. Where hoard's of looters attacks businesses and stores and left with what they wanted too. However a new video has emerged online showing a looting incident that may make a few people hungry. Below are all the details and the video, as well as what the implications of this situation is. Tell me what you think in the comments section.

KFC Drive through gets looted :

In a video that has been posted to TikTok, which you can watch by clicking the link below, we see another event of looting occur. While it seems like this is an isolated incident, I can not confirm or deny if it will happen again.

In the video a couple are going through a drive through to pick up their food at KFC. They are in the process of being handed their food when someone using a what seems to be a skateboard moves in-between the couple and the drive through window and steals the food. It happens so quickly that the couple has barely any time to react. While the wife panics, the husband gets out of the vehicle to try and catch the person. To watch the video click on the link below.

What are the implications of this situation :

This looting seems like an isolated event and very different from the mass looting that occured I'm July, however it is a very sad incident as food is literally being snatched from hungry people. I do hope that these types of crimes do not become a trend as stealing from people is much worse than stealing from businesses who have insurance. What do you think of this incident, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens

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