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Road Accident

'This Is What Katlehong Taxi Association Members Were Doing To A Bolt Driver

So in Katlehong this Taxi association is allowed to do this?


They were seen displaying a lot of violence on other members of the public and now the people of this country are wondering what is really going on with the taxi industry, because it seems like there is a lot of violence being perpetrated on ordinary citizens of this country.

Right now they were pulling up an uber driver and ordering him to get out of the vehicle and they were showing that the very angry with him for some reason, because they even took out whips and beat him then kicked him and they told him that he must go into the vehicle the vehicle was marked Katlehong People's taxi association and it was clear that the vehicle belongs to the taxi association in the area.

This is not the first time we have seen such behaviour being displayed towards uber & Bolt drivers on the roads if they are operating in such areas that tend to get harassed from members of the public, and the hurtful thing about this thing is that they are fighting.

In some cases the violence goes out of hand and the next thing we know the police are investigating a homicide case, so such things have to be dealt with in a very delicate manner and government intervention must come in.

The police must show their seriousness in arresting all those taxi drivers who are seen abusing e-hailing drivers on the roads, it isn't clear what happened in this incident that had led to the violence being perpetrated against the Uber driver.

His vehicle had crashed and we saw this through the front right-hand side part of the car, which was completely smashed in and the man had evidently received a severe beating from the taxi association members.

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