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Social media react to a picture of an old lady said to be 300years old, could this be true


People have come to react on social media after reading about a lady who is said to have been living for 300years now. On social media today people reacted to this picture showing an old lady from Pakistan. It is alleged that a video has been circulating on the internet that she is older than people think.

People on social media Facebook started to debate after finding the record given out by Guinness world record that the oldest person in the world is from Japan named Kane Tanaka. this time another one from Pakistan has come to surprise the internet as people claim that she has passed 300years living.

Although the study claim that a person's bones can not carry him or her for over 115years of age. Could this news be real or it's a public stunt made by the people who shared the post on the internet to again attention. Leave your comments after reading what social media users had to say. Don't forget to share like and follow.

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