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Theft robbery

Unexpected||Look at a video of a white man who was robbed while he was cycling on an unsafe road

We have a trending video of a cycling dude being robbed while cycling alone on an unsafe road. according to the video, two criminals attack a white man who was doing his exercises by riding a bicycle in the morning. They took his bike and searched him and took everything he was holding. The victim became so lucky because the suspect was holding a gun but decided not to beat or shoot him. There was a tracking device on the victims and the suspects were unaware of that. One of the suspects was well captured by the device, and it will be much easier for police to trace and find them.

According to the report, it seems like many people who eventually do exercise in the morning are being robbed these days. We Suggest people go with groups when they are cycling or exercising, and they must avoid using roads that are not used by many people and use public ones. According to the report, the police are investigating the possibility of instigating them.

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