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Opinion: Factors to look at when analyzing the Eyobeni tragedy.

On the 26 of June which was on a Sunday morning, Mpumalanga and South Africa woke up to a tragedy of 22 teens found dead at Enyobeni tavern.

In the mist of finding the cause of death , the society is playing blame game. At this point in time , it is not necessary but I want to highlight factors that lead to this incident.

1. As the society we should always be true to ourselves, The youngest victim is 13 years old . Now as a parent how do you sleep at night knowing that you 13 year old is not around? This is called negligence and I think these parents should be held responsible for this incident.

2. Parents think money is the way to a kids heart , well money drives kids away from home, hence why you will find a 13 year old drinking, smoking or partying. This is because parents bribe kids with money to make them forget that the parents are not giving him/her Attention.

3. According to Ubuntu it is the community's duty to mentor kids that are going to wrong road in the community, Now if you an Adult and you groove or party with 13 year Olds, what does it say about you ?

4. The South African children rights are practiced more than responsibilities, children know their rights but don't know their responsibilities, the Government is brainwashing kids with rights and this makes kids to be disrespectful and unruly.

5. Why did the Tavern sell alcohol to kids under 18 ? Though possibilities are people older than 18 buy alcohol in tavern for children younger than 18. The tavern owner must be questioned about men power .

9. If kids had sports activities to do during the day , they wouldn't have had the energy to go partying. The councilor must be questioned about sports programs in the community to keep the kids off the streets and channel their minds to think positively so .

With all being said, I personally think these are factors to be looked at when dealing with this case and hope other teens have learned from this incident.

May the 22 Teens lives rest in eternal peace .sending Love and light to the families.

Content created and supplied by: JANEselepe (via Opera News )

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