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Customer ends at hospital swollen after getting haircut at a foreigner’s salon

Source: Twitter

A good customer was taken to the health center or hospital on a Sunday and this was following his complaints of his head itching.

This itching actually went on to cause his face to be swollen and this was just after he had gotten a haircut from a Foreigner’s Salon in a place called Mankweng next to Zone 1 complex and it was on a Thursday.

It is believed that the customer made clear claims saying that on Thursday, while he was trying by all possible means to ask about the products, he was taken out of the salon after a heated confrontation.

Fortunately, the customer then received necessary treatment at the hospital on Sunday, because his itching has started to affect his face harshly.

As it is evident on the pictures that this man was really swollen and one could tell that the products that were used were not really good for his body but rather were fake.

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