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The Doctor Advised Her Father to Take Her Home to Die Peacefully but She Did not Die (Photos)

Zubaida was nine years old at the time of her departure, and she accompanied her parents. She grew up in Afghanistan's Farah area with her father and mother, as well as eight other family members. Zubaida's body and eyes were severely burnt as a result of the smoke, and she has never recovered completely. Congratulations to the medical professionals who were able to restore her health; she now appears to be in much better health than she had been. On that dreadful day, Zubaida was pumping gasoline into a raging internal frying pan that was on fire. The gasoline ignited, causing her to catch fire, causing burns to her head, hair, abdomen, and legs. She was hospitalised for many days.

After the fire was extinguished, her father transported her to a nearby healthcare professional, where she later gave first aid and medicine. However, her condition deteriorated, and her father determined that it would be best to send her to Iran for rehabilitation.

What she looked like when she was affected by the fire:

She was admitted to the hospital for 20 days before being released, with the expert recommending her parents to take her home so that she may die in her own bed. Despite the fact that Zubaida survived, her injuries left her with a terrible deformity, a significant functional impairment, and a significantly diminished sense of self-worth.

Zubaida's parents received assistance from United States specialists in 2002, and she was sent to an American military installation in Kabul at the time. She met with military experts from the United States, who then approached the State Department to see what they could do to help.

When she was flown out for treatment:

Doctor Peter Grossman, a plastic and transformation specialist at the Grossman Burn Center in California, was contacted by the department and agreed to work with them. Zubaida was sent to the Grossman Burn Center in the United States for surgery. The results were impressive: in less than a year, she completed twelve major surgeries in a short period of time.

How she has transformed after the surgery:

Her recuperation was remarkable, and she was able to enrol in Round Meadow Elementary School in Calabasas for the first time in her life, marking the beginning of her educational journey. She was able to speak in English after twelve weeks of intensive study.

The fear Zubaida will always have would stem from everything she had previously been through in life. Only when you see her in person will you be able to appreciate her fascinating charm and stunning looks. We must never, ever lose hope, must remain strong, and must continue to press on; we can never predict what will happen in the future; all we can do is prepare for it. The generous nature of the human soul is incredibly inspirational.

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