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"I have declared my mom dead in my life even when she is alive, she ruined my life" -Lady lamented

"Even though she is still alive, I have proclaimed my mother dead in my life since she has devastated my life," a woman bemoaned.

Anne Ngugi is a wonderful mother of two girls, but even at her advanced age, she recalls the heinous things her mother did or said when she was a child.

Inne Ngugi a confessed that she was reared by a toxic mother who was always quick to criticize her and caused her a great deal of suffering throughout her life. When she was growing up, she never experienced parental affection.

Her mother, according to nne Ngugi, is a hater of her since she is the only daughter of five children and is her father's favorite kid, which she believes is the basis for her mother's dislike of her.

Her parents divorced, and she and her siblings moved home with her mother, but she was always in misery, and she blamed everything on nne, who she despised. She even drove her away from home when she was a child.

nne lives with her boyfriend in his home, which is a warm and welcoming environment for her mother, who treats her as if she were her own kid. Later, she married her partner, and the couple was fortunate enough to have two children. After that, everything changed.

Her husband began cheating on her again, and this time the couple decided to split and divorce. Her mother-in-law passed away, which made her extremely upset because she was the mother she never had as a child. She was the mother she never had as a child.

It was at this point that she decided to leave. She went to her original mother's house, but she found herself in a completely different situation. She returned to her biosphere, but she had a new life in her new existence.

She had another husband, but her family had completely forgotten about her. After 13 years of not seeing her family, she decided to pay a visit to her mother and to begin construction on her own home.

for a long time nne was under the impression that her mother was remorseful for what she had done to her, but it was all a mirage. When she began construction on a house for her mother, her brothers summoned her and hurled insults at her, while their mother stood by them and backed them.

nne grew enraged and proclaimed that her mother had died, despite the fact that she had never done anything to her or even liked her. She did all she could think of to win her mother's affection, but she came up short in the end.

nne is happily married to her husband. Despite the fact that she is over 50 years old, she has lost all concern for her family. She has done her hardest to get along with everyone, but they all despise her to the extreme.

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