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Why Woman Shouldn't Consume Alcohol ?

Why Woman Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol?

Alcohol abuse is the most common drug in all-around the world. South Africa is one of the countries which faces the problems of alcohol abuse. Gender Based Violence is one of the effect that comes from alcohol consumption. In 2020 during level 5 lockdown, President Cyril Ramaphosa shutted down all the alcohol premises, including the selling of it anywhere. People were angry at Ramaphosa, others were violent at home.

The cases of Gender Based Violence increased from what have been reported before. Others said that consuming alcohol is an escape from the reality. Woman have joined the trend of drinking alcohol like a fish. It has escalated in a point where even pregnant woman drinks it without even thinking about the foetus. If a pregnant mom consumes too much alcohol, she is putting her baby at risk. Whatever a pregnant woman put in her mouth, she is automatically sharing it with a foetus. When the baby receives alcohol through umbilical cord, the alcohol is more powerful to a child compared to an adult. Some children are born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

It does not just end there, a mother can have a stillborn baby. If a child is fortunate enough to survive, they have a slow growth, which is known as dwarfism. During birth, a child has a low birth weight, always asleep, the face become abnormal, poor judgment, seizures. Children can even be slow learners, this lead to a child not finishing school. Later in life they do not even look for a job because they don’t seem strong enough to endure the hardships that comes with being an employee.

The effect of alcohol in a child may even impair kidneys, heart, bones and hearing. All in all, it is like a child has got alcohol addiction. Inorder to help a child that has FASD, a doctor need to be consulted and the child will get medical attention. Going to seek help from the doctor does not mean that the child will be cured, but the child’s cognitive skills will improve, from what it was before. These kids will need special education and a stable home.

Sadly most kids who have this problem does not come from a stable home. It is advisable not to consume any alcohol once you find out that you are pregnant. There is no small amount of alcohol that is good for a pregnant woman.,includes%20learning%20and%20mental%20disabilities.



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