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Witbank Mayor collapses on stage while drinking tap water for demonstration of its safety situation with South Africa's water supply is extremely precarious. There is water present in a number of locations across the country. Water is necessary for our survival since we make extensive use of it in our day-to-day existence. It is essential, and one cannot exist without it in their life. The provision of water services is primarily the responsibility of municipalities in the majority of the country's localities. Because of this, the government is required to provide the necessities to those who are economically disadvantaged at all times. Recent events have resulted in a traumatic experience for a great number of South Africans, as evidenced on social media. It was stated that one of the Witbank Mayor passed out while speaking in front of a packed audience in the event hall.


The news that a prominent member of a community passed out at a meeting of crucial significance is extremely upsetting. It is said that she passed out just as she was taking a sip of water from the faucet in an effort to prove to both the visitors and the residents that it was okay to drink the water. This has led to a great deal of speculation, as people are attempting to determine whether or not she passed out as a result of drinking contaminated water. People shouldn't jump to the conclusion that the water was unfit for human consumption just because it's possible for anything to happen. It is necessary to do a thorough examination, and also, the water must be examined to determine whether or not it is fit for human consumption.

A image of a scene that has been published on Twitter shows a crowd of people gathered on stage in an effort to revive a Mayor who has passed out. People sent her well wishes for a swift recovery, while others are still in disbelief over the way in which she lost consciousness in front of the guests.

“eMalahleni mayor Connie Nkalintshana collapsed during the State of the Municipality Address (SOMA). The mayor collapsed following her demonstrating that tap water is safe to drink by drinking a glass of Witbank’s tap water in front of invites guests”

eMalahleni mayor allegedly collapses after drinking tap water (

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