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Cops step in as taxis get burnt down, this is what is happening

The Gauteng Province has been turned into a warzone by rowdy taxi association members who have been involved in a massive battle. On Saturday the 16th of October 2021, it was reported that taxis were being set alight in the Johannesburg CBD. Law enforcement agents had to rush to the scene and intervene as the situation was going out of hand. Massive police presence has been deployed in Joburg to deal with the situation as it was now feared that more property and assets would be vandalised.

Metro police have confirmed that one people were being attacked as taxis were being vandalised at the intersection of Von Weillig and Commissioner streets. Emergency teams and police are on high alert in the area and no arrests have been reported as yet.

A report was published by SAfm News reporting what the Gauteng Transport MEC Jacob Mamabolo had to say regarding the incident. The MEC described the feud between the 2 taxi organisations which is believed to have led to the attack as horrendous and barbaric criminality. The two taxi associations are said to have clashed over routes and this ended in taxis getting burnt this morning. He went on to promise the nation that he will meet with representatives of the two Johannesburg taxi bodies tomorrow.

In today's incident, the police confirmed that one person was left critically injured and four taxis were set alight. Six other taxis were damaged and the only fortunate thing is that there were no fatalities.

If a solution is not found, it is expected that more attacks will happen within the next few days and there is a high possibility of fatalities getting recorded as taxi industry thugs are known for hiring hitmen.

You can click this link to watch the video of the taxis on fire as rowdy taxi operators battle.

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