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“Danger of Corruption, Enoch Mgijima Municipality is burning down” Evidence might go missing. Video

See the source imageThere are plenty of causes of fire. It can be naturally caused, but in most cases it is caused by the negligence of people. There consequences of having an outbreak of fire is deaths and vandalizing of property. Many people have sustained fatal injuries and life injuries, due to fire. Hence, lessons on how to deal with fire outbreak, how to handle and maintain it are mandatory. People have to learn the escape routes when there is fire, all this can reduce the chance of losing many lives and infrastructure due to fire outbreaks. The residents of Eastern Cape are waking up with sad news, as some of the regions were hit hard by fire. The fire started at 8 pm on Monday night.

There is a man shouting for help in a video, as he alleges that the municipality of Enock Mgijima is on fire. He is constantly repeating that this is the danger of corruption. Mgijima has been linked to fraudulently using millions of rands to build a stadium that was heartbreaking to watch. The corruption in the Eastern Cape is rife and the president should never overlook this matter. The burning of the municipality says it all, it might be a coincidence, since there is a need for evidence to disappear. This is disastrous and selfishness from the officials of this municipality, since this fire might not affect them only. The fire started late at night on Monday the 11th of October. 

See the source imageSee the source image

It shows that Enock Mgijima is admitting guilt and finding ways to make himself not arrested. There has to be a thorough investigation into this matter, to link the fire with people within the municipality. People are scared for their well being, since the chances of such kind of fire to affect nearby areas are high. Arrests need to be made, and those who are corrupt need to be charged and prosecuted as well. The Eastern Cape resident deserves much better.

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