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Rosemary blames Hollard

The former constable Rosemary Ndlovu was cross-examined in court about the insurances that she took out in the name of the deceased family members she's alleged to have a hand in their deaths. During her appearance she was presented with the claim forms that were filled in with her hand writing mentioning that her cousin who is 1 of the victims was her spouse. She then decided to blame the insurer that it must have been their mistake because when she took out the insurance it was via a phone. Meaning one of the consultants sold the policy to her on the phone. If that is the case then what was the claim form saying? If it was a mistake that the insurance company made during the sakes process why would she still proceed and mention that the cousin was her spouse? Rosemary is really digging a grave for herself. She is going down and that's it. There is no way you would continue to sign a mistake. And again insurance companies do sent out policy documents to clients after they policy have been registered. Did she not see that on the documents? This is a minor mistake that can be fixed within a minute. Most insurers give a waiting period of 6 months before any claim so Rosemary wants to tell us that she was just paying for the insurance policy for as long as she did without even receiving the policy documents? Is that normal? This does not even add up I hope the court sees this as I do. And Rosemary has to pay for this. For a public official she is so unfit. The oath she took during her training to serve the county with faith and honesty was definetly not coming out of the heart. I guess she did it just so she can just start working. Bring a member of Saps was definitely not her calling as she was not living acording to the oath she took. She was a public official, she took an oath but I hues it meant nothing. This woman thinks everyone thinks like her, she can not manipulate the hand of the law. She will be sentenced and for a very long time mshe needs to just pkead guilty and stop wasting the states resources. She is just dragging the whole thing and at the end of the day she will have to be sentenced. As soon as they find her guilty, she won't have any more words to defend herself. She forgets that insurance companies have records of all calls made to customers, especially sales. They will retrieve the recording to defend their case because she is also putting Hollard into jeopardy. A reputable company will never be this careless because such mistakes will make them loose their licence. Rosemary received over 100k for the so called "spouse" who is her cousin and she was reported to have not even given anything to her family from the insurance payout and again she says she did give them something.

This case is very awakening. People are insuring people without their knowledge just for their own personal gains.

Rosemary Ndlovu did and went to the extent of killing her loved ones using hitmanto get the money. Indeed money is a root to evil.

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