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Illegal Cigarettes Were Found By SANDF In South Africa From Zimbabwe

A bunch of boxes were found with illegal Cigarettes in South Africa from Zimbabwe. The SANDF took the boxes and arrested the criminals. The reason why there will always be corruption in South Africa is because the government is benefiting from it. The government is benefiting from the people who are doing illegal things. Everything in South Africa is corrupt and those who always want to play good by the books suffer. In South Africa once they see that you are trying to show the people what is going on behind closed doors you will be arrested. It is painful because there is nothing that people can do to change South Africa.

There are lot of foreigners in South Africa some they are selling drugs and so on. There are lot of human trafficking that is taking place in SA. Those people never get arrested and even if they do they will not stay long in prison. In South Africa you will stand in prison if you do not have money. The poor people are the ones who go to jail because they cannot afford to have lawyers. People will ask themselves where will they take those cigarettes to. Some of those things that they find they get missing in the police hands.

This days the justice system is poor and thus is the reason why people no longer want to report crimes. Sometimes they even take time to solve a case. Some people are going to jail falsely whereas the real criminals are out there. The suppliers of those cigarettes will never go to jail only those who are driving the car. There are the real gangsters who are masterminds of these things. They are still going to continue with the syndicate and still supply those illegal stuff. One-day we should hope to that things will get back to normal.


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