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Some Community Members Will Sleep In The Dark After Eskom Does This

Some people are definitely going to be in the dark because of this decision from the Power utility, it is great to see them do the right thing and that is what needs to be done.

Eskom employees are removing illegal connections worth R5 Million in the Driftsands in Cape Town, many people have been enjoying free electricity for many years now without the power utility knocking on people's doors like back in the days.

They used to have to check every household connection to see if everything is in order but they seemed to have stopped and what does that say about them, they are not serious about business anymore.

Eskom urges all electricity consumers to pay to be legal, the Eskom claims to want to get people out of load shedding but they have neglected their part in ensuring that whoever uses electricity they are doing so legally hence creating an even bigger problem.

The area is one of the hotspots of illegal connections including business and residential customers struggling with daily outages, Noe they feel like if they right this wrong they will be able to ensure that those who pay and supplied with electricity the way it is supposed to be done.

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