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Video Of Zimbabweans Chasing and Beating South Africans At Hillbrow While The Lady From Zim Laughing

The situation in Hillbrow is now worse and the South Africans want all other nations to leave South Africa. In 2019, Xenophobic attacks in South Africa started after a taxi driver was shot and killed in Pretoria by a Nigerian man whom the man who was shot and killed saw selling drugs at the taxi rank. South Africans were fuming and calling all the other nations to leave the country.

Now things are bad at Hillbrow after a Zulu man was killed by Zimbabweans at Summit. South Africans have even started a movement called Foreigners Must Go.

There is a video going around on social media where South Africans went to Hillbrow to chase the Zimbabweans but things didn't go according to the plan as the owners of the country ended been beaten by Zimbabweans while other South Africans are running for their lives. On the video, you can hear the person taking the video is a Zimbabwean speaking Ndebele. She is laughing while the Zimbabweans are beating and chasing South Africans.

The funny is when South Africans retaliate. The entire world will know about it and they will watch from far and say South Africans are xenophobic. They never know how it starts like the time when the police got attacked while trying to enforce law & order the CBD

Is so heartbreaking to see South Africans being beaten and chased in their own country.

See the video below

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