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SA:Ramphosa Tell Arts And Culture Minister To Stop R22 million Flag Project See Here

This R22Million banner is really impolite to South Africans! It has a hint that says 'you all are moronic and we'll keep stealing from before you and you will not make any meaningful difference either way with it!'... It's simply the ANC showing it won't ever mind.

Since many individuals comprehend that South Africa is still in neediness as many individuals are as yet not securing positions and other are as yet finding it hard to have a good feast ordinary they are not praising this kind of undertaking which is costing millions yet it is insignificant in this country.

Introducing a banner can't cost millions like this to that end many individuals are saying there is a great deal of defilement occurring in the decision party and government one individuals who are not supporting this drive is the leader of this country.

The president's showed his less appreciation when he advised the pastor to drop this task that was an obvious indicator that he isn't supporting this 22 million undertaking of introducing a public banner.

The following are remark made by individuals.

The ANC has arrived at its sell-by date, period. The test is I can't confide in the EFF, as their chiefs profited from the VBS plundering. There's an administration vacuum in RSA, my view.

Is there any verification that you can might us at any point about EFF and VBS associations, I surmise no..... Most South Africans are dazed by media so they don't see the foe.

Do you have confirmation that they did nt benefit or plunder from VBS? You are dazed by the adoration and commotion they are making nje. Recall that Julius is a result of the ANC n he knows how to play the game well indeed. He gained from the bosses and presently he holds a PHD of that game.

There isn't one single great lawmaker in south africa, and assuming there are any they wont be permitted into power. Not a solitary one of them are reliable, you're attempting to guarantee a few spoiled apples are better than others. It's spoiled the entire way to the court framework and the media.


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