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President Cyril Ramaphosa made an important request to South African parents

Today is the day that we celebrate who we are and where we originate from. Even our president has shifted his focus from our crises to celebrating this day with us. Cyril Ramaphosa delivered a speech about the importance of this beautiful day and he left a very important request to every parent in South African soil.

The president wishes that the spirit of celebrating this day might never end and in order for that to happen, our children need to be able to pass it on to their own children. He wishes that next generations may become cultural practitioners, authors, filmmakers and tour guides.

For the above to be achieved, the president has pleaded with family members and parents to allow their children to spend more time with their grandparents. He believes that listening to grandparents will help children be familiarised with the histories of our people.

He wants the people of South Africa to become their own historians. He regards local elders and cultural practitioners as the living libraries as they keep providing us with useful information and contents about our own culture. He says their information is rich enough for them to be praised and celebrated.

This reminds me of what I heard from Ukhozi FM on the 17th of September as their breakfast show hosted an actor; poet and songwriter, Masoja Msiza who is known as Nkunzi on SABC-1's Uzalo. Nkunzi emphasized the importance of maintaining the involvement of our elders when we celebrate this day. He said the elders used to play a big role in the days where there was no social media as they used to gather around their grandparents and listen to their story telling and idioms. He emphasized that those stories were actually equated to the background of our cultures.

Even reveals that the role of a parent is life changing. They are saying that the roles of grand parents involve mentorship, History telling, being a loving companion and more.

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I also believe that the involvement of grandparents on our children's lives is important because there are some of the things which we may fail to teach them as parents, but grand parents can find it easy to pass it on to them. The things that my parent taught me, I can hardly be the best person to pass them to someone else, so grandparents remain the best cultural teachers. Never forget that there are some of the things that we are still learning from them even during our parenthood.

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