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Road Accident

SAD : Man Sets Himself On Fire In His Car

A man has reportedly set himself on fire while he was in his car in muldersdrift. It is not Known under what circumstances this event occurred.

Community members report that emergency services only arrived 45 minutes after they had been called to the scene. This is infuriating because the man's life could have been saved if the emergency services personnel had arrived earlier.

It is also clear by checking the surroundings that there is very little the community members could have done as the place looks isolated.

The man I have not yet been identified and the cause of what pushed him to committing suicide has not yet been revealed.

Under the report many man said that the the pressure put on them and the things that are expected of them what could have possibly caused the third audio.

If you need anyone to talk to it is advised you seek therapy Sessions at a private doctor or at any government hospitals that provide such services.

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