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Another Bad Day For Illegal Immigrants Another Bad Day For Illegal Immigrants In Muldersdrift

Although crime is onething not even 1 country is spared for we all be having crimes at a different level worldwide, If you should look at the crime we have in South Africa, I take it that you can see that our crime is sort of higher than normal,If you should engage to a lot of people on why is it all like that it seems like foreign nationals are always suspects of all this high crime rates which is not true because South Africans are involved too

But then be that as it may. It seems like there's certain communities who are not looking forward to approach this whole crime this lawfully.What they are doing is that they are identifying squatercamps were illegal foreign nationals are living then go attack them then after that call the cops on them

For example there is a video taking South Africa by storm exposing all that on tweeter see the video below 

Video link:

Although much is not known as to why we're the foreign nationals being treated like this (stripped) In the first place thing is if you should look at this whole situation carefully.Such is never done to south africans whenwver they are caught at the wrongside of the law.They are dealt with differently and a little bit easier so now seeing this being done to this man because they are foreing nationals whats your take?

Firstly, Checkout what people said on tweeter about this in the screenshoots attached below 

So now with all this being said what's your take as an individual? Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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