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Truck Driver Fired After He Was Caught With 2, 25 Litres Of Diesel He Stole From The Truck

On 2022/ 05/20 whilst checking on the Guards at the Raubex sites in Lynfield park and Camperdown area, members came across a truck from Africa Tanks parked on the side of the he road. The owner of this truck was definitely not be happy with the fact that his truc was simply being looted by the driver that he gave employment to, thinking that he's making his life better but it is clear that the driver had other ways of making money on the side by using the diesel and selling it illegally.

The driver was busy stealing Diesel from this truck unfortunately for him he was captured on camera, so he could not deny it as already there was two 20 litre bottles that were on the ground and seemingly full with diesel and that is why the trucker was simply caught in the act.

He had alreay syphened 2 25 litre containers from the tank, this is a criminal offence that is unclear if the truck owner was able to lay charges against him, because it is clear that he has been engaging in this act for a very long time it is just now that he was caught.

The owner of the truck was contacted and he did not want to open a Criminal case, sometimes this is normal because there owner just treats the fact that he has to follow up on the whole process of trying to get this trucker arrested so he wants him gone.

He requested the security that caught him to check that the driver put the diesel back into the Truck which we ensured that he did, and the owner was very happy that the suspect was caught.

The owner was satisfied with this and stated that the driver will be dismissed from his employment, of course this is something that is quite normal and we expect more of this truck owners to bring about Justice.

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