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Taxi operators shut a house in RSA harboring more than 40 boys and girls who were victims of Nyaope

Sometimes taxi operators can be very useful, especially when it involves crime. It takes a criminal to catch a criminal. I know that some of them or let me say most of them, they misbehave. People hate taxi operators. All taxi drivers they have got the worst behaviour in the road. They have the most violent people ever, and bullies.

If there are any people that even notorious criminals are afraid of, it's taxi drivers because, the taxi drivers themselves they have got the criminal minds. Some of them they are criminals that have transformed through the criminal gains into taxi businesses. Maybe that's why the taxi industry is likely that.

They are very few people that have bought their taxis ihonestly, but then we have to admit. These guys can be useful to the community. If they want to resolve issues, they get it done, even getting rid of a person. They have been several issues especially in polokwane in a certain locations and towns were criminals were reported to be victimizing the citizens. When the taxi operators took it upon themselves to put to an end to that crime, if they can just organise themselves just for one day, they normally come out with positive results.

I think they're doing a better job than a police. You realise that the police have been trying to solve this issue for more than 5 years, but it took one day for these guys to make things happen, that way you can see that our justice system is just junk. It's very very weak. I don't know what should be done to make it effective, otherwise people will continue taking law into their own hands.

RSA Polokwane closed after Taxi operators and society forum intervened. 

RSA Polokwane situated in RSA Car Wash on the Dahl street in Polokwane has been closed yesterday, afternoon. This after the Seshego and taxi operators had discovered a certain house that was abandoned inside RSA car wash which was illegally, harbouring about more than 40 young girls and boys.

According to the information received from Seshego Community Forum, those young girls sleep there while smoking drugs(Nyaope), Crystal and confirmed to be filthy. 

Those young girls and boys, some between the ages of 11 were then sent home meanwhile some denied after the house keepers were demanded by the forum to vacate the house. 

"We managed to take some home but most of them they don't want. Our town needs real intervention, Nyaope and Crystal is killing our brothers and sisters. The youngest girl is 11 years old" says a Seshego community Leader.

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