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House Help right from Hell, A Family Distressed by CCTV Footage

A CCTV footage of the woman enjoying her meal and sitting on the children's heads.

 A family in Kisi is shocked after reviewing a CCTV video. Tired Momani Jana and his wife Mercy received an unusual look from their young son after a long day at work.

 Suspicious Janai could not understand what her frightened daughter was saying. Standing in the living room, Momani could not get any response from Tesso's mistress, who had been caring for her baby and their youngest daughter for two months.

 By this time, his wife, Mercy, was already on CCTV. Join Momani, welcome them with shocking images. Let the house help her when she proudly swallows the lunch that Cholestica Toto has prepared for her son.

 Momanyi explained to her secretary without hesitation how Mom had sent her mistress to her maker. Fortunately, he is a minister and preacher of the Word, sorry to shake his head.

 At this point, his wife, Mercy, was already in tears. They continued, the second clip testifying to how a sick child was dressed.

 Home help was seized when a brutal baby dressed

 Pulling the knife alone was not enough, but it was an act of remorse.

 “I felt like using a kitchen knife to kill her. I took a deep breath and calmed down and called my friend who advised me to lock myself in jail. With the help of neighbors, we were taken to the Kisi Central Police Station. Where she is locked up, ”Monani narrates.

 After a long meditation, Janay and his wife took the courage to forgive her and handed her over to her parents on Monday.

 “After careful consideration, we decided to forgive. We told the police to release him. We assured her that she was safe in the hands of her parents. We never wronged her. I don't understand why she chose to abuse my children. In such an inhumane way, ”said Mercy.

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