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A 22 year old lady who is now home owner leaves Mzansi speechless

As black people we come very far from the apartheid era. So much has changed and everyone is now trying new things. We spent a long time bot being interested in long term investments. But all that has changed. People are now making sure they put themselves first in everything and don't care what people say. 

It is no lie that black people generally are more interested in pleasure and what the neighbors will say. Hence many of them get things that lead to them being broke, so that they can see what they have. It is sad unfortunately it it the truth. 

Many people are changing the narrative and making level 1. A twitter user shared pictures of his little sister next to her house. He mentioned that she's now a home owner. She's standing next to a stainless still house. People applaud her for having a home. Congratulations are in order, at 22 and already an owner.

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