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It's A war| Taxi Drivers Living in Fear After Somalians Burn A Total of 12 Taxis



 In South Africa, taxi drivers are known to be fearless and can be against anyone. We have seen over the past few years that taxi drivers are willing to do anything to bring down any criminals in South Africa but this time they are the ones living in fear.

 Videos circulating on the internet of taxi drivers fleeing their taxi ranks after a group of Somalis started hijacking their taxis and shooting at them, it’s something big now.


 It was reported that at least 12 Taxis caught fire in the Eastern Cape province on 13th October. According to reports, it started as a road rage issue where a taxi driver and a Somalian were involved in an accident. It is said that the Somalian collided with the taxi and the taxi driver got angry and started yelling at the Somalian for colliding with him.

 Somalis tried to calm things down but the taxi driver’s brutality ended up escalating as he recruited other drivers to rally against him. It ended with two of the Somalian shops being set on fire and that is how Somalians retaliated by bringing ak-47s and fuel bombs to the taxi ranks in Qqeberha.

 The whole violence escalated and it ended with more than 12 taxis being set on fire in a brute and shooting the taxi drivers. Now taxi drivers live in fear of being next to them.


 It is now clear that the Somali community is outraged by the fact that the police have done nothing about the violence from taxi drivers. Every day foreign nationals in South Africa are attacked especially because they are not from the country.

 Obviously if the others had collided with the taxi driver, it wouldn’t have happened that they were discussing things. The problem is that it was a foreign national who did it and started the xenophobic attitude of some South Africans.

 Watch the video below:

 What did you take the object and hand? Who do you think is wrong with all this stuff?

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