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Road Accident

WATCH| " Stop Gadaffi " - Traumatized Learners Beg Transport Driver As Police Chase Them


South African taxi drivers are probably the most reckless and impatient drivers in the world. For one, they cross three lanes at breakneck speed in busy traffic to occupy a lane, and sometimes, they do not stop when the robot is red. Whether the road is wet or slippery, they do not care.

Otherwise, how do we explain the incident where a taxi lost control in a flood, where emergency rescue teams and divers had to search for corpses in flooded dams caused by heavy rains?

Reckless driving is a daily occurrence on the roads. As a result, the rate of casualties due to accidents continues to rise. Many taxi drivers think they own roads and do not care about other motorists.


In a video shared by South Africa Daily, a transport driver named Gadaffi was transporting learners when they were suddenly chased by traffic cops at Hammanskraal. It is not clear if he broke road rules, but when the cops ordered him to stop, he decided to drive away at a massive speed. The learners begged him to stop, but he did not listen.

All that can be heard during the chase are the voices of the lives he was carrying. When the cops managed to block the road, Gadaffi bumped into another car, scaring the learners even further. That is when they stood up and tried to get out of the taxi, scared for their lives.


Public's Opinion

The masses are angry. Some are blaming the parents for allowing their children to be transported by someone without checking their background, whilst others are concerned about the safety of many learners who use public transport like taxis when they go to school.

Author's Opinion

Taking the wheel on South African roads is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. Road bullies tend to flash lights at those who stick to the speed limit because they are under the impression that driving on the freeway is no different from driving on race tracks.

This road carnage has claimed many lives, thanks to reckless drivers who have suicidal tendencies.

Content created and supplied by: Sasatjie (via Opera News )

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