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These Areas may experience bad whether today. Opinion.

If you had plans for today, depending on where you live, you may be dissapointed. This is because the South African Weather Service has issued two warnings for multiple parts of South Africa. Below I will tell you which areas will be affected, what the affects may be and some tips to prepare.

Warning Number One :

The first warning is a Yellow level two warning for disruptive waves and it's expected between Alexander Bay and Cape Agulhas.

These disruptive waves may lead to difficulty in navigating at sea and localized disruption of small harbors.

Warning Number Two :

The second weather warning is a Yellow level one warning for damaging winds. It's expected over Dr Beyer's Naude LM, Inxuba Yethemba LM and Blue Crane Route (Western Interior of the Eastern Cape)

This may lead to localized damage to settlements, some transport routes and vehicle's affected by fallen trees.

Tips to Prepare :

Due to the fact that some transport routes may be affected by falling tree's, I urge South Africans not to drive if you are in one of the affected areas or in an area where the weather is particularly bad. If you have no choice but to drive than be cautious on the road, you can do this by wearing your seatbelt, leaving an appropriate amount of space between you and the car in front of you and driving lower than the speed limit.

I also suggest that you do an inspection of the trees around your home, to make sure that they are not weak or at risk of falling. If they are, have them removed as soon as you can.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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