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Mzansi Wants Lobola To Be Abolished In S :See Why / Opinion

Lobola is a tradition in black culture where where when a man marries a lady he must pay certain number of cattle .Nowdays since its very difficult to find cattle especially in the suburbs people are opting to pay the lobola in cash .It is to show respect and bring two families together.

When paying lobola certain things are considered first about the lady , like her level of education, does she have any children yet , cooking skills and age .It almost sounds like a business transaction.The amount goes down if the lady does not have any of those things .

A conversation was started on social media about lobola and many people feel that lobola must be abolished in South Africa because its some way of selling women .I agree before lobola used to be a way of bringing two families together but recently its more of a business deal .Women families are capitalising on lobola and want to get rich using lobola .

Also lobola is the major reason is why many women stay in abusive marriages because the men keep telling them that they bought them so they belong to them .

Its clear that the concept of Lobola is misunderstood by this generation and its better its gets abolished because people are using it for their own benefits .Families should just come together and celebrate without one having to pay the other family .

Do you think families are selling their girls nowdays and disguising it as lobola lerd discuss this

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