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South Africans, if you Want to See Corruption Please Visit Zimbabwe

A bogus shelf company in Namibia called Jaji run by a crooked doctor bought things in China for US$300, it was paid US$66,375 and submitted details of a Standard Bank Account that didn’t exist, George Guvamatanga is the Government’s paymaster, how and why did this happen?

This makes me angry when people are suffering and yet the arrogant people are celebrating. I wonder what the friends of the children of the looters tell the children of the looters, Imagine suppose these kids go to the same schools as the direct beneficiaries of the loot, while their parents suffer and struggle because of the parents of other children who loot

The looting in Zimbabwe is very bad compared to South Africa, yes they all loot but Zimbabwe takes the award because they are not even scared of the citizens as they, threaten people and they even arrest those who expose them, maybe South Africa is better because there is freedom of speech and no one has been arrested for saying the truth. In Zimbabwe everything is captured from police to tv station

Mugabe was looting but in a better way I can say, but the current one seems like they are graduates in this bad thing, they dont care about people, its painful because they are the reason why people seek for a better way of living in South Africa, and that is why a lot of them are undocumented its because they have no money and there is no way of raising money there. If they try to be street vendors, the police come and harass them and they end up quitting which makes their life hard

Their better country is South Africa because they can find jobs and raise their children back home, they are the patient people ever because even if they are called names they don't care about it

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