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Theft robbery

Police went to search Houses in Tembisa after getting a tip-off and were sh0cked by what they found

The Ekurhuleni Flying Squad aided the capture of two guys, ages 43 and 48, on doubt that they were wrongfully conveying guns, ammo, and different things that were remembered to have been taken. The men were viewed as possessing the previously mentioned things.

As per a report distributed by the South African Police Service (drains), the Ekurhuleni Crime Intelligence Unit and the Ekurhuleni Flying Squad were given data about the whereabouts of one of the suspects engaged with a truck capturing that occurred in Tembisa on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. The occurrence occurred on Tuesday. This drove them to the area that was recently demonstrated, where they found four guns for which they didn't have grants, holsters for those guns, Kevlar coats, pellet firearms, and costly wine. Also, they discovered that they had pellet firearms.

They had the option to hold onto a Glock handgun alongside 24 live adjusts of ammo and capture a man on the charge of unlawful ownership of a gun and ammo during a strike that occurred in a similar region. This specific individual had arrived at the age of 48.

It is normal that the two men, ages 43 and 48, will before long stand themselves in court to confront the cases that have been brought against them.


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