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Here's what you can expect from Prophet Bushiri's Case

The people who are involved in money laundering is the prophet Shephard Bushiri is the one who is the master mind of this case and the othe co-accused Mary Bushiri, Shephard, Willah Zethu and Landiwe Ntlokwana but right they will be more people will be arrested on this case.

In the present evidence, it appears that there are other suspects involved in the case but they are still investigating since we know that The Bushiri's escape from south Africa to Malawi.

Now there is more evidence of a clergyman's fraudulent case that shows that there are others who are accused of stealing millions of rands in this case.

Willah Mudolo he had appear in court with his wife Zethu this couple including the Bushiri's are facing charges of fraud ,thief and Money laundering.

The advocate he asked the other suspects which is Willah Mudolo if there were any other people involved in the corruption and he replied said yes,meaning they other suspects on this case yet they are not arrested.

Mudolo he once said he is innocent but had tried to run away three times as he tried to run away but failed but he said is not guilty and he wants to prove that but is trying to flee from south Africa to Dubai.

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