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Road Accident

Moloto Road needs a Traditional intervention not an Engineer... Read below

Moloto Road,is R573 regional route that connects Pretoria and Marble Hall through Kwamhlanga and Siyabuswa.As the road passes through Moloto,the entire route is being known as Moloto road.

Many people loss their lives on this road every year.A recent accident,is of when a bus catches fire,people get trapped inside the bus where six were burned beyond recognition .And by the look of things it seems like many are still going to loss their lives.Pastors and their congregations tried by all means necessary to gather and give a spiritual intervention by praying for the road.Engineers put their pencils on their papers once more to try and figure out what might be the cause of the accidents,but it still still seems like matters are getting even much worse.

It is of high time that we people must agree that some matters does not require an Engineer to solve,but need a tradition african intervention.I,myself recall vividly a certain accident in Mphanama Ga Sekhukhune where a baby girl was trying to cross a road,unfortunately was hit by a truck and died on the spot.

Open gravel road that it is,From that day,year by year on the same spot where a girl is being hit by a truck,occured many accidents where people get seriuosly injured.While the drivers are being asked what really happened,they just said something similar,"I saw someone just in front of me trying to cross the road,I was trying to avoid to hit her"...Blah blah..."I heared noises..." those stories.

Until the family of the child is advised to perform a traditional ceremony to go and collect the spirit of the girl,things never got better.Today Is the 10th year since they perfomed that ceremony,and that spot never again had an accident.

In our tradition,if you had a car accident and died on the spot,we must perform a ritual where a traditional doctor will come and collect your soul and put it on rest.Otherwise many accidents will occur where you died,because your spirit will not rest and you will kill many.It does not matter how straight that road can be made,or how many officers can be put on the road to monitor if vehicles are roadworthy and if drivers obey the rules of the road,until we do what's right and stop to belittle our african and traditional way of doing things,lives are still going to be lost.

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