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Man allegedly rapes two goats to death

MALATJI RAPPED TWO GOATS To no end It's been 48 hours of no activities from the ow of the two rapped goats.

It is claimed that Mr Malatji hauled the first goat

outside the kraal, rapped it until it fainted and

died yet that never prevented Mr Malatji from

fulfilling his desired want, he returned to the kraal and hauled out the second goat to polish off what the first one couldn't deal with.

"As a matter of fact I have an inclination that Mr Malatji killed them since he may have thought he impregnated them and the goats may conceive an offspring to little Malatji resembling"

It's exceptionally awful SPCA and SAPS haven't begun the with their examination in light of the fact that the proprietor of the late two GOATS haven't opened a case.

Mr Malatji was ordered by the local traditional council to pay an amount of R1500 for the damage and it was given to the owner of the goats.


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