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A Girl(17) Stabbed An Alleged Rapist Police. This Happened


18th Aug 2022

Whilst reporting a case of assault against her boyfriend, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped by the detective who was supposed to help her.

After taking the victim into his office at Kei Mouth Police Station in East London last Monday, she said the 45-year-old detective overpowered her.

In trying to defend herself, the teenager grabbed a nearby bottle. She hit her attacker with it until it smashed before stabbing him with it to set herself free.

A spokesperson for the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), Grace Langa, said they are investigating a case of rape against a police detective.

“It is alleged that on the 8 August 2022, a day before Women’s Day, a 17-year-old girl opened a case against her boyfriend at Keith Mouth Police Station,” Langa said.

“A police detective allegedly went to collect her from her home to the station in order to attend to her complaint.

“On their way to the station, the officer told the victim that he wanted to have a relationship with her and the victim refused the officer’s attempt to have an affair with her,” said Langa.

Langa said the pair went to the police detective’s office where the officer allegedly started kissing the victim.

“He allegedly made her lay on her back and penetrated her forcefully from the back,” Langa said, adding that she began to cry.

She then bit the suspect on his left shoulder, giving her enough leeway to reach for the nearby bottle which she used to repeatedly strike the suspect’s head until the bottle smashed.

The victim then took a piece of the broken bottle and stabbed the suspect police detective in his shoulder.

She went on to grab the detective’s cellphone and throw it against the wall before stamping on it.

The detective, dazed, picked up his phone to inspect the damage. At this moment, the victim escaped from his office and sprinted to the Community Service Centre, in the same building, to report the crime, telling on-duty officers that she had just been raped by their colleague.

After opening a case, IPID was informed of the matter. After meeting with IPID investigators, the victim was offered counselling as she was visibly traumatised by the ordeal.

Investigations are ongoing, and the detective is expected to be arrested imminently.

Image source: SAPS

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