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Look what was discovered by the metro police at Stanza Bopape street Pretoria. Read below for more

It was reported that the Tshwane metro police have discovered a lot of money estimated around R3.5 millions in hard cash that was found at premises in stanza bopape street in Pretoria.

However lots of South Africans jumped into the comment section on twitter revealing Their thoughts about how the police force of South Africa are going to handle this issue,unfortunately they were not saying positive things about the (SAPS).

This is what was said by the South Africans in the comment section…..”Stupid🥴 South Aftican magistrates will grand them bail even though they are flight risks with fraudulent documents”. However some of the South Africans can’t believe that that was a real move because it is very rare to find a person having R3,5 millions in hard cash.

“Nice job please get more tips and engage in intelligence cause there are more and more out there not only counterfeit money but cigarettes, medicine clothes and drugs that are busy killing our beloved youth in every corner of this land METRO POLICE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK” said the South Africans.

Look what most of the south’s Africans said on the comment section:

Opinion :

In my own view I really do appreciate what the SAPS has done but they also do the same to almost all the corrupt creed in parliament because this corruption is what is going to bring down our country on its knees.


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