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Child support grants should be increased to R1050 because children Are Worth More. [Opinion]

Therefore, our country has an exorbitantly high rate of unemployment, to the point where gatekeepers receive social benefits because they are the primary recipients, and they must fabricate it to R1050 in order for parental figures and children to resolve fundamental issues because there are no obligations or prerequisites. It is as a result of this that they reject destitution because I believe that the money will save them, and because we are dealing with a different situation, certain parental figures will not be impacted due to their anxiety that any position they may hold will be compromised.

Since they are growing at such a rapid pace, President Cyril Ramphosa should consider assisting the energetic with population to assist Sasa with increasing R1050 as newborn children are expensive, particularly pampering. Prescription medications as well as treats and milk as well as articles of clothing should be purchased like a watch in the long run, given the rapidity with which they are growing. Because they will want more money or enough money to sustain their families, a large number of people will not be driven later on as a result of the fact that people are making youths, as I previously indicated.

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Cyril Ramphosa


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